A place to stimulate your palate with its ¨montaditos¨ (filled bread rolls), homemade burgers breadcrumbs coated pork ears and a good wines offer. Traditional cuisine made with love as at home,where fresh and exclusive products join up to make you enjoy at noon a wide variety of snacks served with wines fron the area or cool beers. The house specialty are tomato and ham toasts (called zapatillas)which are simply  delicious. Friendly and nice service by Javi and Rocio.

Schedule: l. x. j. – 09:00 a 22:30; v. – 09:00 a 23:30; s. – 11:00 a 23:30; d. – 11:30 a 22:30.

Carta · Pinchos: Yes – Closed: Tuesdays